2 September ,2021


When it was born, this collection was the first of its kind in many ways. It not only marked the first silver jewellery collection that Buccellati ever produced, but it was also the debut of the fourth generation of Buccellati designers, Lucrezia, going from the founder Mario, her great grandfather - through her grandfather Gianmaria, to her father Andrea. The Blossoms collection is a proof that creativity is innate in the Buccellati family, it cannot be created nor destroyed, indeed it reproduces itself from generation to generation.
The very first flower to be interpreted was the gardenia, then it came the daisy. The Blossoms collection underwent many seasons and versions, and today, after 10 years from its birth, Buccellati has decided to launch Blossoms Colour, an evolution of the collection where the original designs are enhanced with semi-precious stones such as blue and yellow agate, and pink opal.
Thus, the daisy flower acquires a new, colourful life: the stones are surrounded by gold plated bezels set with brown diamonds, and the whole concept gives preciousness and vitality to this evergreen design, already become iconic for the Maison.
The Blossoms Colour daisy line comes with a pendant with chain, a cuff bracelet, an Eternelle ring, button and pendant earrings: a complete range of items that can be worn singularly or by making the perfect personal match between one or more creations. The coloured stones immediately bring us into a summery mood, where our gypsy spirit flutters to look for an unconventional elegance.
In a world where trends come and go, the Buccellati Maison proudly shows to remain committed to lasting beauty. It is passionate dedication to design, craftsmanship and quality that allows Buccellati to sustain the highest level of product integrity.


Buccellati is a renowned high-jewelry brand with over 100 years of history, admired for its craftmanship and the uniqueness of its creations. Distinctive is the use of rare stones with extraordinary colors, mixed with white and yellow gold, all nicely carved like laces. Today, the Buccellati jewels stand out for their design and for the techniques used to create them, such as the hand-engraving technique, dating back to the ancient goldsmithing traditions of the Italian "bottega" during the Renaissance times. The shapes of the collections are all inspired the historical archive drawings and by the very first creations of the founder, Mario Buccellati. Today, the Maison is 100% owned by Richemont, but the Buccellati family is still present in the company with top level managerial functions. Buccellati boutiques are present in the most important cities and in the most prestigious Malls of the world.

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