31 December ,2021

Protect Your Legacy with WOLF


Endless Storage With the Zoe Large Jewelry Box

Fresh faced and fun, the Zoe collection is sophisticated but playful. The Large Zoe case includes mink velvet exterior, patented LusterLoc™ interior that protects jewelry from tarnishing for 35 years and a removable mini travel case. The Zoe Jewelry Box was featured in WOLF’s 2020 Protect Your Legacy campaign and is trusted by professional ballerina Britanny Cavaco to protect her prized family heirlooms. What will you protect in a WOLF jewelry box?

Charming Jewelry Storage With Sophia

Where classic meets contemporary, function meets fashion, Sophia is designed to protect charms and charm jewellery in style. Each handmade jewellery box is treated with patented LusterLoc™ anti-tarnish lining to keep your jewellery looking its best at all times. Sophia’s Zip Case is designed to protect charms and charm jewellery on-the-go. Wrapped in a classic rose quartz leather exterior, this case is essential to elegantly protect and prevent jewellery from tarnishing for up to 35 years. The collection continues to expand, with new colorways and styles coming soon!

Make a Statement With Memento Mori

The Memento Mori double cub watch winder is handcrafted in smooth vegan leather with skull embroidery, brushed chrome skull hardware and LED lights that change from white to red. The double winder includes two winding modules lined with soft ultrasuede so your fine watches can rest safely.

The Ultimate in Customization: Module 4.1

Build your own watch winder tower according to your collection with the Module 4.1 winder. The individual modules can stand alone or can connect and be powered together. Add more modules as your collection grows! Purchase the 4.1 Feet to create a secure, self-standing system. The Module 4.1 includes our patented Turns Per Day technology that counts the precise number of rotations of your watch as well as rotation options, directional settings and everything you need to maintain the health of your watches.